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Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities, Mt Juliet, TN At Gibbs Excavating & Grading, we offer a range of services to commercial and residential clients in and around Mount Juliet, TN. Many of our projects involve the installation of underground utilities.

What Are Underground Utilities?

Planning is crucial for any construction, including subsurface work. Underground utilities comprise the area's existing infrastructure, such as power cables, street and traffic lights, natural gas, water and storm drains, television cables, and the utilities required for your own home or commercial building. A sound construction design will include a scientific approach to mapping these regulated utility installations and the proper location of additional services. We can provide you with this approach and a punctual and experienced team of professionals.

While breaking ground is a thrilling stage of any construction project, safety must always come first. We use a variety of procedures to guarantee a safe excavation each time. Our expert operators have received extensive training on safely operating any heavy-duty equipment to limit the chance of colliding with an unforeseen utility pipe or wire.

Range of Equipment Used in Underground Utility Projects

While it may not be evident, installing underground utilities requires specialized equipment to guarantee the project is performed effectively and profitably. The equipment used depends upon whether the terrain is mostly dirt, rock, or concrete. Our skilled construction team will choose the most appropriate equipment for your project's requirements and will guarantee that it is maintained and ready to go with a seasoned operator at the helm. We use a range of equipment in our work, including the following:
  • Excavators - We remove dirt using excavators, giant hydraulic diggers, and rotating platforms mounted on a track or wheeled undercarriage.

  • Hoe Ram - This is a sharp-tipped hydraulic hammer that we use to break apart boulders. The boulders fracture and become loose, enabling us to remove them with a huge bucket.

  • Trenchers - These large, heavy-duty machines are critical for any underground utility installation. Trenchers rip into the earth and dig trenches to place pipelines, electrical wires, or drainage.

  • Graders - In most development projects, we need to level the ground before erecting pavements or structures. During the grading process, the grader's long blade shapes the surface.

  • Loaders - Materials such as waste, rock, and asphalt are securely transported around the site on loaders. We may use these machines to transfer materials and debris to other heavy equipment such as hoppers or dump trucks.

We emphasize efficiency and safety while providing our customers with cost-effective services. Our staff takes the time to fully understand your needs before developing the most effective excavation designs for underground utility installation.

For more information about our underground utilities' services, call Gibbs Excavating & Grading at 615-419-2457. We are an experienced licensed and insured business that focuses on providing our customers with the best services possible. You can contact us via this online form if you prefer to drop us a line. For a free estimate, please use this form.

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