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Sod Installation

Sod Installation, Franklin TN A landscape isn't a landscape without that green covering for the ground. Back then, it would take months and even years to have a land of blooming grass. That long wait is not necessary in our modern world—thanks to sod lawns.

These are like natural carpets that are laid down where verdant grass has to be. It may seem easy. But in reality, it requires proper preparation, the use of the right tools and equipment, and the correct installation method. And no other company in Tennessee can perform the job fast and efficiently -- Gibbs Excavating & Grading.

Sod versus Seed

Sod Installation, Lebanon TN Why go for sod lawns if seeding is possible? Installing sods is far way better than seeding. The only obvious advantage of the latter is the start-up cost. But this approach will take weeks and months before you see sprouting greens, and it will take years before the land is completely covered with grass. That is if the seeds are not blown by the wind, eaten by birds, or ultimately failed because of drought, disease, malnutrition and other issues you can imagine.

Choose seeding and be prepared to see a brown landscape for weeks, not to mention the time and energy invested in it.

The Benefits of Sod Lawns

Sod Installation, Franklin TN Installing sod lawns may be more expensive. Consider this as buying time and convenience. No need to experience any problems because they are already solved for you. The sods we get are from Tennessee farmers who spent at least 18 months producing such beauties. They also invested in fertilizers, pesticides, and other natural and completely safe solutions to make sure you've got nothing to worry about.

After a day or two, your land will be covered with perfect grasses. After 30 days, the area will be fully functional. You also get to control what type of grass will grow where. Creating stunning landscapes with grasses having two or more tones of perfectly manicured lawns is now possible.

If they're that great, why do they get bad raps? We've heard those, too. Using sod for lawns is the best option≈and we bet our reputation on that. The problem is that people think that it's merely like a natural grass carpet that you simply have to lie down on the topsoil. This is a big misconception.

Professional Sod Installation

Sure you can buy your sod elsewhere. But it takes professionals, like Gibbs Excavating & Grading, to do the proper installation. Our team has already installed such gorgeous-looking landscapes around Tennessee. Our secret is that we start with the perfect sod lawns and install them by following our set of critical steps.

We basically check the soil if it's healthy enough for grasses and then make necessary changes to make it healthy. There are more steps after this. No need to hassle yourself about these steps. Leave the work to us and we guarantee that after we're done, your brown, barren land will instantly turn into a stunning lawn that's perfect and safe for the kids' playground, your morning coffee table, and more.

Imagine all the beautiful possibilities by just properly installing sod lawns.

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