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5 Reasons for Lawn Hydroseeding

Lawn Hydroseeding, Mt Juliet, TN If you're new to hydroseeding and its merits, the idea may fill you with unease. Despite this, it is a risk-free method that is increasingly adopted for creating lawns on residential and commercial properties. Hydroseeding provides significantly more advantages for residential and commercial properties and the environment than traditional seeding methods. However, the benefits of using this method in landscaping go well beyond those mentioned above.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

At Gibbs Excavating & Grading, we offer a range of services, including Hydroseeding for lawns. This time-tested method is a great way to get the lawn you need to add beauty and sustainability to your landscape. Here we look at the benefits of hydroseeding:

A Lush Lawn

When grass is seeded by hand, it often grows in clumps rather than uniformly covering the yard. Seams in sod can be quite noticeable and ruin the grass's look. However, a lawn that has been hydroseeded grows thick and evenly. This is because the fibers are intricately woven, eliminating the need for seams and ensuring that the growth medium is uniformly distributed throughout the surface area.

Quicker Lawn Spaces to Enjoy

People are typically impatient to see the fruits of their effort after engaging in strenuous activities such as hand planting or laying sod. There are still weeks to go before owners can enjoy their lawns. Unless, of course, you go with hydraulic mulch planting, which helps seeds sprout more rapidly. The outcome is a gorgeous lawn that anybody can enjoy before summer ends.

Turf Health

Grass with deeper roots is more likely to get the water and nutrients it needs. Therefore, this is an essential aspect in achieving lush, green grass. Sod and hand-planted grass may never establish a deep enough root system to take advantage of subsurface water and nutrients. Hydroseeding prevents brown stains and bald places in the grass, while manual seeding and sodding can't always guarantee that.

Erosion Control

If there is a severe erosion control problem on your property, it can cause structural damage to housees and businesses alike. There are several situations where erosion is likely to occur, and unfortunately, they are all difficult to prevent, such as pests, rain, and wind.

However, hydraulic mulch planting does prevent erosion because it keeps in moisture and covers the soil, making it less vulnerable to wind and water. This is because hydraulic mulch seeding uses slurry to bond the mixture to the soil's surface.

Safe For the Environment

Hydraulic mulch seeding's little impact on the natural world is one of its main draws for homeowners. This kind of grass installation is risk-free for:
  • Humans
  • Pets
  • Natural Environment
Pesticides and other chemicals used in hand-seeding and -sodding projects might threaten human health and the safety of domestic animals, not to forget the long-term effects on Mother Nature. Considering how conscientious people are becoming these days, that's a benefit almost nobody will ignore.

If you are looking for reliable and effective Lawn Hydroseeding, land-clearing and grading, please call Gibbs Excavating & Grading at 615-419-2457. You can also send us your hydroseeding requirements via this Online Form, and we will respond soon.

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