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Belgard Elements

Wexford Series

Wexford Series

Classic Collection

The Wexford Collection utilizes a striking combination of tumbled block and features Old World Paver™ accents. Wexford’s rugged, yet defined, appearance should feel at home in any surrounding.


Wexford Fireplace Wexford Fireplace

3'D X 5'W X 9.5'H
Wexford Wood Boxes Wexford Wood Boxes

2.3'D X 3'W X 3.25'H
Wexford Straight Hearth Wexford Straight Hearth

2'D X 5'W X .9'H
Wexford Brick Oven Wexford Brick Oven

4'D X 4'W X 8.1'H
Wexford Grill Island Wexford Grill Island

3'D X 6.3'W X 4.3'H

Square foot varies depending on installation. All measurements are approximate.
Contact your local Belgard dealer for details.


Gascony Tan - Dublin Cobble
Gascony Tan - Dublin Cobble
Gascony Tan - Highland Stone
Gascony Tan - Highland Stone
Gascony Tan - Old World
Gascony Tan - Old World
Gascony Tan - Weston Stone
Gascony Tan - Weston Stone


No pattern information is available for this product.

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